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About the Teachers


Vivian, Owner


Vivian is a retired educator. She taught for almost 20 years before becoming an elementary school principal. She loved teaching and watching the absolute joy on the faces of her students when they learned something new. Vivian is excited about teaching again. She truly enjoys teaching sewing and quilting classes and watching that same joy on the faces of students who never thought they could learn to sew or quilt.


Angela, Teacher


Angela has been quilting for for nearly 20 years. She began quilting as a teenager, and was taught by her mother, Owner of Sew-n-Piece, Vivian. Angela enjoys making quilts for her little ones and friends, and also enjoys the challenge of trying new patterns from her collection of quilting books, magazines and online resources. Angela is looking forward to helping you create your next masterpiece.



Janet, Teacher

Janet Craver is long time quilter who has recently began quilting again. She loves anything that easy piecing. Janet’s true passion is longarm quilting, especially using her new Longarm quilting machine which she has named Charlotte.


Terri Bowser, Teacher
Terri has been quilting for more than 25 years. Her motto is "we can fix it!" She always looks forward to the fun challenge of teaching classes to enthusiastic students. 


Eileen Milligan, Teacher


Eileen has been quilting for 45 years and sewing for longer than that. She loves a wide variety of fabric styles, especially batiks.

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